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1. Name? Daisy
2. Age? 20 on May 24th
3. Location? Boston
4. What eating disorder do you have? Bulimia Nervosa with Anorexic tendencies
-Have you been diagnosed? Yea
-How long have you had it? I have ED since i was about 13 (probably younger) but bulimia for a year
-What treatment are you currently receiving? therapy, psychiatrist, nutritionist, but I will be an outpatient in a hospital soooooon. =/
5. Interests? Writing, Reading, Painting, Animals, Vegetarianism, being nice!
6. What would you like to get out of this community? Meet some people going through the same issues as myself where we can support each other.
7. Anything else you'd like to add? No but I'm now Vegan and it is not that I am confessing to people about my eating disorder. It is now that I have come to terms with my ED and acknowledge that damn I do have a problem. I feel lonely. =(
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