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My entire family knows of my depression, panic anxiety, and bulimia nervosa issues. They were actually very supportive and very sad to know all this. My mother cried while the therapist explained it all. My brother was silent, my sister teared although she already knew, and my father was so worried and asking questions.

I am going to be going to the hospital soon as an outpatient whatever. And now they are going to be more supportive and more attentive but in a good way i think. They understand that I need to start out slow. I cried as well. I also had a kitten, Lucas, a stray baby boy i found and caught in my backyard.

Also earlier today I had a panic attack which i tried to relax myself with some yoga breathing. I went to my yoga class as well and it was wonderful i got to release a lot of tension from my body and I had a lot. it was a crazy day but in a way i also got to release a lot of the skeletons in my closet that haunted me like no other.

Wish me luck with everything because I really do hope it all ends up well and I dont want to get FAT I will be taught how to control food and to be OK with it. I still do my regular exercise in addition to yoga but I also eat unlike I was before. Although it hurts me sometimes and I feel guilty when i eat and still count the calories I hope that I will be in control of all of this.
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